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Claudy Conn's Bestselling Regencies (Box set)

Claudy Conn's Bestselling Regencies (Box set) - Claudy Conn Book: Claudy Conn’s Bestselling Regencies
Author: Claudy Conn
Publication Date:8/12/2014
Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts
My Rating: 5 Stars

We have 3 Regency Stories

First up :
Wildfire Kiss –
Another hit by Claudy Conn In this one we have Babs aka Lady Barbara who writes a spicy novel in order to help save her family’s home. Well her daddy is not very happy with her. Well Sir Edward Danton wants Lady Barbara but Lady Barbara has another in her sights. Lord Wildfire who is busy trying NOT to accept his title. Nick’s cousin Charles tries to steer him away from Babs but will that happen ? This book like all the regencys by Claudy is so funny and witty .

Taffeta and Hotspur

Claudy Conn does it again for me. She can take a Historical Romance and turn it into something Sexy and Oh So Hot .
I am not big on the Regency or Historical genre but I truly look forward to reading them when written by Claudy Conn.

Every single word is well written. The characters grab your soul as your reading and the suspense and even some comical are just the right amounts to give a life to the story.
And the book cover is gorgeous.

And I have yet another book boyfriend to add to my ever growing list so move over
Lady Taffeta Grantham because I am going to come take Lord Thurston Tarrant Hotspur although he is a Rake.

Oh, Cherry Ripe
In this story we have Cherry Elton and Lord Skylar Westbrooke

Cherry is sort of a wild child for the times. Her stepmother is beside herself on how to curb Cherry.
She decides to marry off Cherry as she is of age and needs to calm down. Cherry however wants no part of it and decides to take off in the middle of the night on her horse. While riding in the night she stumbles upon a man who immediately takes her in his arms. She doesn’t know what to think of this man but immediately sparks fly and attraction is there. See the thing is her Step-Mother never told her the name of the man she had setup for her to marry . So when Cherry runs into this man (Sky Westbrooke) she has no idea that this is the man. And of course at the time Sky has no idea that it is Cherry who was to be his bride. Sky takes her in as a Governess to his unruly siblings. After having met Cherry he doesn’t want to even think of marrying the woman he had agreed to marry.

The story plays out very nicely and in many parts you find yourself Laughing out Loud at Cherry’s escapades.She is a strong headed young woman. The attraction between Cherry and Sky plays out beautifully. They both want each other all the while thinking they were to be with someone else.
What a comical, adorable Romance.I truly enjoyed it and I definetly would recommend it.

If you like Historical Romance and a little comedy pickup your copy of this book and get to reading !!

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