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The Complete Legend Series

The Complete Legend Series - Claudy Conn, Karen Babcock Book: The Complete Legend Series
Author: Claudy Conn
Publication Date: 7/31/2014
Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts
My Rating: 5 Stars


I have read every single book in this series. Below you will find each books review .. Highly recommend these books ! I love how the story continues into the next book and so on.

1. Aaibhe-Shee Queen (Legend, #0.25)

I can honestly say I have never really gotten into the fae/druid type books but boy was I wrong.
This book has changed that for me. Its an awesome short read about the Seelie Queen and her love of a human.
This book is Romantic and Passionate !!!! Awesome !!

2. Prince in the Mist (Legend, #0.5)

This story is about Breslyn The Royal Fae Prince of Dagda and he has always enjoyed watching humans.
And although it is against the rules to interfere with them he has fallen deeply for a human by the name of Chartelle.
She is married with a son but her husband doesnt touch her he prefers young boys.
Well rules be damned he will have Chartelle or will he? She is his first human love ..
Such a romantic fairytale that’s how I view this book..
I have fallen so hard for Breslyn . WOW is all I can say about this book .. And his story it seems will
continue into the next books !!!! YAY!!!! I would definetly suggest reading the series !!!! I can’t wait to start the next one

3. Prince Prelude (Legend, #0.75)

In this book we have Julian Talbot who is engaged to Maxine of Reigate.

Julian is a Druid and he is aware of what he is.
Maxine is also a druid and is unaware of what she is but as the story unfolds she is learning what she truly is and what powers she holds.

They are destined to be together and more than that they are soul mates. However there is someone who wishes to break them apart and that is Lamia Dulaine aka The Beast . She has fallen hard for Julian Talbot and although she tries many ways to get him to notice her nothing works. Julian has only Maxine in his heart. Why is Lamia called the Beast? Well you need simply read this story to find out :)

And we also have Breslyn Prince of Dagda .You remember Breslyn right? The wonderful sexy Prince of the Fae from Prince in the Mist .. Well he has been sent by the Queen to keep watch on these humans. But
can he stop at just watching? Or will he intervene for his precious human race?

Julian and Maxine are a love undying .This book is Erotic, Romantic and just a pleasure to read I actually went back and re-read it because I kept thinking I missed something :)
Thank You Claudy Conn!!!!

4. Spellbound (Legend, #1)
Oh I cant tell you how happy this book made me as we just go smoothly into it from the previous book.

I left off in Prince Prelude with the beloved and comical Maxine Reigate being killed by The BEAST Lamia Dulaine . And the Queen took Julian Talbot with her and cared for him while he was in a deep sleep and mourning the loss of his beloved Maxine.

Now fast forward to Spellbound and Its the 21st century.. And here Maxine is in college and has just lost her mother and father to a horrible accident. She however must now go to Scotland to handle what her ancestors could not and while doing so she also sees that there is a traitor as well as many other things that are about to occur.

We have the Queen and Breslyn and many others in this book !!!!
I loved this book It has romance, suspense and even a little comedy .
Please pickup your copy and give it a read or even 2 reads !!!!

YET again Claudy Conn has given me a book I couldnt put down !!!!

5. Shee Willow (Legend, #2)

This book at first kind of lost me :) But then I was found some where along the way LOL.

We have half human half fae Willow Lang who chose to live her life as a human. She wanted no part of the fae half . She always thought of herself as a freak .
Her mom dies when she is only 10 years old in a horrible accident .Her father is fae from Tir and her mother a human.

She loves her father very much but she just never felt like she fit in his world or even her human world.

Willow is also a Seer ..
Willow is also a restorer of Ancient Art.

We have not 1 but 3 handsome men in this book :)
And we also have a ton of action, and also a few laughs.
In this book we also have some of the characters from the previous books.. Such as good fae turned bad

Gaiscioch who has turned to the Dark and has now used his skills to breach the Prison Wall that had kept the dark fae in their dark realm and he is now forming his army.

And of course Sexy Breslyn and this time he may very well find the love of his lifetime or does he? Nope I am not telling :)

6.Trapped (Legend, #3)
Bj Mulroy was 12 when her parents were killed in a car accident.
She was then sent to live with her aunt Lisa who really had no clue how to raise a child . As Bj got older her aunt decided that Bj needed her own place as Aunt Lisa was highly jealous of the beauty that Bj was. Bj carried a secret she could see fae and other things such as dark fae . She met Brian Carrick and soon discovered he was a High Druid Priest and he knew she was a Shee Fios . Brian was also dying of cancer. Brian was Bj's bestest male friend. She goes to Ireland as Brian's wife.. Now enter Dante' Prince of Lugh who was given the assignment of
watching BJ Mulroy by the Queen and he was very irritated at this request as he really did not enjoy watching the humans as they were not immortal and died and he felt that was a waste and he preferred to
be in battle after all he was a warrior. Although Dante' had to admit to even himself that Bj Mulroy was a beauty and he found himself intrigued.

Then we have Daremont Carrick he is also a High Druid Priest who was thought dead? although Brian
knows the truth of this . Daremont has been trapped in a painting for over 300 years and he believes Bj can save him. She also ends up facing Gaiscioch all alone at first ..

This book was a wonderful emotional ride I went from Sad, to happy to excited.

I want to say this was my favorite book by far but I have a feeling They are all going to be my favorites

7. Free Falling (Legend, #4)
In this book we have Radzia MacDaun aka Z she is the daughter of a Daoine mother and a High Druid Priest Father . Her father is killed by a Dark Fae Demon while performing a ritual of beltaine with Nuid one of the Queens Trackers and her mother was taken away by family as she has lost her mind and living in illusion. Z has vowed to get revenge against Gaiscioch the light fae turned dark. Z has alot of power as she is not only Fae but a High Royal Fae and also human but a High Druid Priestess. She is determined to take down Gaiscioch but there are a few men to enter her life. Dante Prince of Lugh is sent on a mission to train Z and they drive each other crazy. Then we have her neighbor Aaron Dunbar and then we have yet another man enter Z's life Chancemont and Dante is not happy at all about this one . Z though has her sights set on Dante her entire body shivers when he is near . Will anything come of that ? And on top of fighting the unseelie she finds that her neighbors are a coven of witches / gypsies and are helping the unseelie to come through a portal. And a huge battle takes place down at the river a portal has been opening allowing a large number of Dark Unseelie to make their way out and the battle begins .
I can’t give you anymore as I don’t want to spoil anything. Read the book !!!
This book is filled with alot of Action and comedy in some spots :) and a whole lot of passion . Loved it !!!!!

8. Catch & Hold (Legend, #5)

Z is still down in the dark faye world and Dante has now gone down there after her. Z has discovered that the Dark King's human after dying was made into something more? . Z while down there also discovers maps of the areas Gaiscioch plans to send his dark seelies into . After Z and Dante get out of the Dark Realm they inform all the others including the Queen of the Maps and they all make a plan.
The war has truly begun and the light fae definetly have their hands full . Z must deal with the prophecy will she be strong enough? And now Gaiscioch's has taken the Queen. Can they save her?And what of Gaiscioch's Dark Royal? Are they with or against him? In this book we have everyone together for the biggest battle of their lives..
This was the best book in the series ..We have so much action and passion it explodes right off the pages. But also alot of sadness I cried actual tears while reading this book.. A Fantastic Book !!!!!
I love how Claudy has brought everyone from the various books in the series all together. I enjoyed seeing how the all the Shee Fios's have formed a friendship.

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