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Alphas Gone Wild (Shifter Paranormal Romance Boxed Set)

Alphas Gone Wild (Shifter Paranormal Romance Boxed Set) - Crystal Dawn, Selena Kitt, Catherine Vale Whitwell, Michelle Fox, Melissa Snark, Alisa Woods, Tabitha Conall, Kristen Strassel, Ruby Glass, Ariana Hawkes, Ever Coming Book: Alphas Gone Wild (Shifter Paranormal Romance Boxed Set)
Michelle Fox , Catherine Vale , Melissa Snark , Kristen Strassel , Crystal Dawn, Ruby Glass , Ariana Hawkes , Tabitha Conall , Alisa Woods, Ever Coming
Publication Date: 3/16/2015
Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts
My Rating: 5 Stars


Touch Of Alpha by Catherine Vale

New to me author.
Violet dreams of passion with an old flame but Kayla is a bit hyper today and trying to get her attention about something going on. The packs alpha Storm has died and they are set to choose a new alpha.
She knows of a man who would be the perfect Alpha. Denver one of the teachers at the school where Victoria teaches. At one time they were friends but they have since drifted apart. Denver has been put in the hat so to speak for the position of Alpha however with that he must have named a Mate.
When Denver goes to talk to Violet about things he touches her and feels weird. He has always had feelings for Violet even when they were younger but now well what could it be?
This was a great short story. Love ,Romance and Hot passion.

Pack Justice by Michelle Fox
New to me author.
Kane is the Alpha of the Bright Moon wolf pack and one evening while out driving with his girlfriend he pulls over
and walks away. When he returns he mentions something about a guy he met from the Huntville pack having a girlfriend with a mole in the same place as his girl. Well she is caught now for sure as Mason the guy from the Huntville pack comes out of the shadows. Sabrina just couldn't chose between the two. She wants them both.
But what will they think of that? And will Sabrina get her wish?
WOW let me say this is one hot hot hot short story. Loved it.

A Cats Tale by Melissa Stark
New to me author.
Jared has met himself a werecat at the bar he stopped at. He had never been with a werecat but he would damn sure like to be with this one he thinks to himself. Well next thing he knows he is drugged and taken to the home of a vamp. Evangeline has blood slaves which Jared finds out is what his werecat is the vamps blood slave. Jared wants Josephine aka Josie Cat but now he has to find a way out of his dilemma. Josie doesn't have trust in anyone so it takes all of Jareds' strength to get her to trust in him. Can he get his Josie Cat to be his? You know the old saying about dogs and cats. Great short story I enjoyed it.

Wild for the Lion by Kristen Strassel
New to me author.
In this story it's all about you can't help who you fall in love and mate with. Leo is a lion shifter and his mate Daphne is a Doe (Deer) shifter. Life for Daphne can get lonely however as she has no family that will visit her nor can she roam alone up on the mountain top where she and Leo live. The pride do nothing to welcome her infact they do all they can to chase and use her as their meal if they catch her. Leo tries to do all he can for the woman he loves.
This story was very romantic and well written storyline.

Masked Desire by Crystal Dawn
New to me author.
In this story we have male wolf shifters who know who their mates are except for one thing. They can't claim because the women want nothing to do with their kind. Well these men come up with a way to make the women they so desperately desire come them. They start up a Fantasy Dating service and everyone wears masks so no really knows who they are getting. As each woman signs up they will have the man of their desires and dreams and hopefully the male will have his mate forever. I enjoyed this short story , very funny and very sexy.

Dragon’s Dewdrop by Ruby Glass
New to me author.
Rochelle is a chef at a beautiful estate for a man who is so drool worthy. He doesn't treat his staff very kind but Rochelle daydreams about the gorgeous man. One day while out strolling on the grounds she comes across jems in the grass she at first think its dewdrops. Rochelle knows something weird is going on as she hears weird noises at night and now the jems show up. Ecliptic is a very rich and powerful man. What some do not know is he is more than a man. He has never wanted to mix business with pleasure with any of his staff yet there is something that pulls him to Rochelle. One day someone threatens to take Rochelle from him and Ecliptic has changed dramatically. Can he save Rochelle? Will she want him when she knows what he is?
Very good dragon shifter book. I am an avid fan of Dragonshifters so this one I really enjoyed.

I was gifted a copy of this book for my honest review.

There are many more stories yet to read in this wonderful, sexy , funny and intriguing boxed set and as I get through them I will update my review further.
Fantastic Sexy Shapeshifter reading.

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