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Red Hot Alphas: 11 Novels of Sexy, Bad Boy, Alpha Males (Red Hot Boxed Sets Book 2)

Red Hot Alphas: 11 Novels of Sexy, Bad Boy, Alpha Males (Red Hot Boxed Sets Book 2) - Jo Raven, Blair  Babylon, Olivia Rigal, Melanie Marchande, Sky Corgan, V. J. Chambers, Daizie Draper, Lacey Silks, Holly Hood, Irma Geddon, J.C. Valentine Book: Red Hot Alphas
Author: Jo Raven , Blair Babylon , Olivia Rigal , Melanie Marchande , Sky Corgan, V.J. Chambers , Daizie Draper , Lacey Silks , Irma Geddon , Holly Hood , J.C. Valentine
Publication Date: 12/16/2014
Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts
My Rating: 5 Stars

I read 5 of the books and giving my review on those only !!

Micha - Jo Raven

Micha is in love with Evangeline but he has no clue how to let her know.
He sees himself as a loser who is a tattoo artist at Damage Control.
Evangeline was in Micha's life when he was at his worst and she haunts his every waking hour. He keeps thinking he sees her but is unsure on how to approach. He has finally started making something of himself and would love to share that with her.
Evangeline has her own issues she is dealing with. But she has never forgotten the young guy she tried to help in that alley the night that she got hit.
Evie can not seem to get her ex-boyfriend to get the hint she is done with him. He is pushy and very dangerous.
Evie's parents nor her brother believe her when she says to them that Blake has lost his mind and is dangerous.
Well when things take even more of a sinister turn will they finally believe her?
Will Evie and Blake come out of this?

I really enjoyed this book it was a first for me by this author. Can not wait to read more about this Inked up lost boys.

Somebody to love - Blair Babylon
This is Tryp's book he is the drummer in the band Killer Valentine

Elfie is the young Pyro tech who has been with the band for a few years she has just turned 19
Elfie is stuck with taking a very drunk Tryp back to his hotel room one night and god the things she learns while he is semi coherent.
Tryp is such a jerk and he even has Elfie thinking he died after his drunken stupor.

I enjoyed this book from the beginning to the end.

Hot Pursuit - Olivia Rigal
This is a fantastic MC story.

We have Sally a young woman working as a stripper to get herself through college. Slider is who her heart wants but he has given her mixed signals since she started working there. He is the VP of the motorcycle club. Slider is holding a secret and he is not sure how Sally would feel if she found out who he really is.

Everything is put on the line when Sally is abducted.

We have rival motorcycle gangs supporting each other , dirty cops, good cops and a whole lot of secrets spilling.
Fantastic book I enjoyed this one.

Meeting Mr. Steele -Melanie Marchande

This book was comical and oh so romantic. We have a book author who is female but posing as a male author.
When things come to a big hit she is invited to be on a tv show. Well she has to hire someone to portray her.
She hires a sexy guy with tats who just needs a bit of polishing. Now when he has to try out things get pretty dang hot considering the books this author writes are sexual in nature.

Kimberly and Josh go from acting to not so much acting. Things get spicy and oh so toasty in this book.

I enjoyed it very much

CROSSED (A Prequel to the Crossed Series) by Lacey Silks

Emma and Grace are best friends although Grace's family is horribly screwed up and dangerous.
Grace separated herself from her family many years ago.

One of the guys who works for Emma's family is wanting so badly to go out with Grace so Emma has agreed to help him when he gets back in town.

Grace owns a salon and now she is asked to help fix up a guy who basically looks like a cavemen oh the things you do for bestfriends.

Well all hell breaks loose as someone comes in and is trying to rob the salon and out comes caveman who turns out to be none other than Hunter he works for Emma's family at their security firm and has had the hots for Grace for a very long time now he is her hero or is he?

Both Hunter and Grace are damaged souls who need healing. Can they find that in each others heart and soul?

Ok that is all you get from me. You will need to purchase the book and read it for yourself but let me tell you now its super freaking hot and suspense well thats in there too. Fantastic read.

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