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Playing with Fire

Playing with Fire - Julia Mills, Claudy Conn, KyAnn Waters, Allie Mackay, Tarah Scott, Evan Trevane, Teri Riggs, Sue-Ellen Welfonder, Candice Stauffer, Melanie  James Book: Playing with Fire
Author: Julia Mills , Claudy Conn, Melanie James, KyAnn Waters , Allie Mackay, Tarah Scott, Evan Trevane, Teri Riggs , Candice Staufer, Sue-Ellen Welfonder
Publication Date:12/9/2016
Reviewed by: Tammy Payne-Book Nook Nuts
My Rating: 5 Stars

What a fantastic box set. I have read a few of the stories in this set so I am adding to this my review for those books.

This is Lance and Samantha’s Story. You know Lance the jokester of the guards.
Samantha Malone is a doctor who was held captive by The Auctioneer in the 2nd installment and Lance was her rescuer. She was then haunted by memories of Lance for 7 long months. Finally she has the man of her dreams but at what cost?
The Guards are still battling the loser/trader fellow brother Andrew and also the Auctioneer is still causing trouble. Then we are introduced to Kyra a white witch who has been held captive by brother Andrew. He knows who she is and what she can do.
Do the other guards know who Kyra is?
Can they finally capture the traitor Andrew?
How will Samantha feel about her sexy man after she hears the truth?
This book gave me a little bit of everything I like in a book Comedy, Tears, Suspense and Very HOT passion !!!
I highly suggest you pickup your copy !! I would also suggest you read the series in order !!!

DARK LOVE Claudy Conn
Finally I was able to read this book… And Oh boy am I glad I finally got to it..!!!
Chaz aka Chazma Donnelly has powers which to her are not normal. She has very vivid dark dreams . Her parents were supposedly killed by a serial killer in New York and it has consumed her to seek revenge for their deaths. Chaz gets offered a job to organize a library at a mansion in Ireland. It is Jethro McBain the owner that has offered the job and it is with Chaz’s grandmother that she accepts the position. Jethro McBain lives in Brionn Ireland and for Chaz this is perfect as she has figured out or at least she thinks this is where to begin her search for her parents death.
Will Chazma be able to control the darkness that is building inside her and threatening her powers to over flow. What about the Oh So Sexy Jethro McBain? They both have figured out each others powers . Now they must fight a very dark warlock. Can they come out of this unharmed? Can they keep fighting their attraction to each other or will it end up as more?
Grab your copy of the book and get reading !!
Tons of suspense and Oh so hot and heavy chemistry !!!
Another great book !!!

KARMA INC. Melanie James
If you have ever read the Literal Leigh series by this author you will know why it’s a laughing pee your pants kind of book. In this book, we get Kelly and Esmeralda who decided to open a new business together. What better than making sure Karma gets a little shove at whom she needs to aim her fury at? However, things do not always go as they seem and Kelly now faces charges by none of other than the Witches Union. Can Gertie, Marie, and Esmeralda get her out of the mess she is in? Add many of the other characters and Hunters parents and you get one heck of a big ole mess.

Absolutely loved this book. Esmeralda doesn’t have a lot of friends but she is a good one to Kelly. These two are hilarious. So if you like a good paranormal but with some comedy added then this I highly recommend to you.

Joseph Payne is a warrior and Mia Harte is a lycan although she doesn’t know it. She seems to always find herself in danger.
Can Joseph save her from her many risks? Can he capture her heart?
Will she become his mate? Eli Thomas seems to think she is his mate but in the end true love wins .. Very passionate and sexy book !
[b:Playing with Fire|33305423|Playing with Fire|Julia Mills||54040352]

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