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Seven Dirty Sins

Seven Dirty Sins - Morgan Black, Clarissa Wild, Ella James, Roxie Elms, Skylar Cross, Melissa Andrea, Tara Brown Book: Seven Dirty Sins Book Bundle
Author: Morgan Black, Clarissa Wild , Ella James , Roxie Elms, Skylar Cross , Melissa Andrea ,Tara Brown
Publication Date: 9/2/2014
Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts
My Rating: 5 Stars

I read the first 3 books in this 7 book bundle so far and here are my reviews on those 3.

Book 1 - Morgan Black- Misconception (Envy)

This story involves 2 brothers and a girl.
Blake and Slade and Lena.

Blake and Lena have been boyfriend and girlfriend for some time however when she is at home during vacation from college so many things transpire. Lena’s family is going through some massive changes and something happens with Slade. She doesn’t feel she can tell Blake what is happening and is happy to runaway to Florida when her mom announces this is where they are going.

But another turn of events takes her back to her old hometown a few years later and the best kept secrets find their way out. Can this secret tear brothers apart? Can any of them forgive each other?

This was a great story I do wish the editing had been done a bit better but overall I enjoyed the story line.

Book 2 - Tara Brown- The End of You (Greed)

Evie is a single mom who does whatever it takes to take care of her kids. Her mother is a spy as Evie is as well.
She is in a partnership with Coop, Luce Jack and Servario. She knows Coop loves her and would do anything for her but her body wants Servario who is it seems the bad boy of this. He is constantly leaving her stranded so he does not seem like someone in it for the long haul. But things get complicated on this mission and what happens shocks Evie to her core.

The book is well written and the interactions between the characters is sizzling. I liked the book very much.. Kudo's to this author.

Book 3 - Clarissa Wild- Filthy (Pride)

Finally Jared gets his story..
Jared is a friend of Hunter and Autumn. He comes from a very wealthy family so money has never been a problem but the one thing he always wanted he could never have. Lin .
The girl who grew up in his home because her parents worked for Jared’s family. They were always playing together and were great friends although love began for them to. Lin had to go away to boarding school. Jared never understood why her family would not allow his family to help them but Pride stood in their way thus causing Lin to have to leave. Jared went through the phases but not once did he give his heart to anyone sex was just that. He never cared about pleasuring the woman only his own pleasure. One night while out he ends up in a strip club and who does he run into? Lin. Things spiral from that moment and Jared is determined to never lose Lin again but many things stand in his way. Can he take back the one who has always had his heart? I loved this story !!

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