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Shifters in the Snow (15 Paranormal Romances of Winter Wolves, Merry Bears, & Holiday Spirits)

Shifters in the Snow (15 Paranormal Romances of Winter Wolves, Merry Bears, & Holiday Spirits) - Jacqueline Sweet, Amanda Jones, Cynthia Fox, Claire Ryann, J.K. Harper, J.M. Klaire, Christa Kelly, Liv Brywood, Auriella Skye, Gen Gericault, Olivia Arran, Edith Hawkes Book: Shifters in the Snow (15 Paranormal Romances of Winter Wolves, Merry Bears, & Holiday Spirits)
Author: Jacqueline Sweet , Amanda Jones, Cynthia Fox , Claire Ryann , J.K. Harper , J.M. Klaire, Christa Kelly, Liv Brywood , Gen Géricault , Auriella Skye , Olivia Arran , Edith Hawkes, Suki Selborne , Alyse Zaftig , Misha Carver
Publication Date: 12/1/2015
Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts
My Rating: 4 Stars

This book is filled with tons of short stories revolving around shifters of various being and finding their mates. We get Wolf shifters, Bears galore and Humans. I am leaving review for three of the stories.

A Honey Bear Christmas by Jacqeuline Sweet

Matt is a bear shifter and his mate Mina are heading to the oldest brothers home for a Christmas get together. There will be bear shifters along with wolf shifters at the gathering so tons of food is a must. The brothers always making the cooking a challenge of sorts and Mina so is not interested.
Well something is going on and bears are going missing. March and the men are off to find out what is going on.
This was a cute short story although it needs more editing. I enjoyed though as we get a bit of everything from humans to shifters and more.

Bears In Wonderland by Amanda Jones

In this story we have a council who is determined to get their Alpha on the right track whether he wants to be Alpha or not and in order to get him to come around they take his Mate of all things. This was a really nice short romantic story. I enjoyed it.

Grizzly Bear Rock by Cythia Fox

Totally loved this story. We have three sisters well the youngest is getting married and it's up to the two older ones to make sure she has the mistletoe she requested as part of the ceremony and reception. Well the two older sisters decide to cross the bridge which is a place that they have only heard horror stories about. Their father would be horrified to learn they went there. While there they both meet two brothers who are bear shifters. Well perhaps there will be a triple wedding if only their father would open his heart instead of believing the lies told about the cute little town across the bridge.

How the Bear Stole Christmas by Claire Ryann

Andi has gone to work at friends coffee shop to get away after her no good boyfriend basically called her fat and let it be known he was cheating.
While there Andi meets a big man who at first rarely talks. But that burly man shows Andi how a woman should be treated and makes sure the dead beat ex stays that. I really enjoyed this story. Dan is a rare bear shifter and has to keep himself hidden for the most part but will Andi want that kind of life?

I was gifted a copy of this book for my honest review.

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