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Shades of Sexy: Six Uber Hot Stories

Shades of Sexy: Six Uber Hot Stories - Wynter Daniels Book: Shades of Sexy
Author: Wynter Daniels
Publication Date: 3/15/2015
Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts
My Rating: 5 Stars


Horsing Around:
Paige is off to a ranch she has evidently inherited from her father. A father she hardly knew of.
Circle O Ranch yep and what was she going to do with it?

The first person she meets is a sexy man on a horse by the name of Jake. She finds him mouth watering to say the least.
Well right off the bat he lets her know he is part owner in her father's business.
And Jake learns quick she is like her father in more ways then one.
So where does that leave these two? Can she put her city life aside and embrace the ranch?
Or is she going to sell her share?

Jake doesn't want to get his hopes up but damn he wants this woman.
Can he help her realize that before it’s too late?
Sexy, Funny, all things a reader of Wynter Daniels comes to expect in her books.
Hot Hot Hot !! Great quick read !!

Belle Behind Bars:
This is a very Short, HOT and SEXY read

Isabelle Buchanan has been promoted to Lieutenant and she has been given the task of shadowing one of the Sergeants at the jail. Well that Sergeant is a man she has dated before and he just makes her blood simmer. Sergeant RJ Ramsey has gone through a divorce and for a time swore off relationships although he had the hots for Belle he wasn’t in the frame of mind to follow through.
Well things have changed with time and he wants Belle. They get together at his house for a little bondage play. He rocks Belles world and she wants more than a one time thing. Well after their hot little escapade can it be more than a one time thing?

Read the book and find out !!
Sexy , Hot , Romantic really good short book !!

Rude,Nude and Socially Unacceptable:
April works at a Salon and the rude stories she hears while working makes her cringe.But she needs the job and the money. She moved to Miami after her dad told her she would find more options.
A biker walks into the shop and it gives her dark memories of her mother. She immediately judges this
huge hairy guy.
The man introduces himself as Nick. When April asks how much he wants taken off his hair he says all of it and he wants to be clean shaven.

April has an issue with bikers since she was a young girl but while looking at Nick's gorgeous eyes she really doesn't want to judge him. The man is talkative so she asks questions. While she shaves him she teases him about cutting to close. After his facial hair is removed April finds the man laying in the chair to be gorgeous.
She finds out more about Nick and really likes what she is hearing.
Nick comes back to the Salon he needs April's help. She is shocked but agrees.
Nick can not get April out of his mind. He thinks about her imagining them together.
April can not stop thinking about the man who transformed right before her eyes.
What will happen between these two?
Can April let go of her anger at bikers?
And what about her daddy?
Another super hot and sexy book by Wynter Daniels.
April and Nick scorch the chapters in this one.

Overexposed - originally Tropical Exposure:
Very short steamy read. We have Marin Shay who is a high dollar actress who has a bastard for a father. She now decides things on her own and is taking a much needed vacation but she has to jump through hoops to make sure she is not followed by the flash of photographers. She hires 2 bodyguards both of which are drop dead sexy. Josh and Tony. Marin starts having steamy visions of herself with these 2 guys and before the 2 week vacation is up. She may just get her wish !!

A few shockers in this little read too. If you like m/m/f passion filled books this is a great read for you !!

Getting Even With Warren:
Macy’s husband has passed and although they recently separated she went to the services and there were his children who think themselves above anyone else. Macy then spots a man who she doesn’t really know and it turns out his name is Alex and he is the oldest son (The Black Sheep) of her husband Warren’s son.

Alex really likes what he sees when he meets his father’s wife Macy. She is beautiful.
Well Macy decides after hearing even more stories of her husband’s infidelity to just move on and when Alex asks if she would like to go get a drink she agrees. Alex is a very handsome man.

Alex and Macy are tired of dealing with Warren’s women and woes and decide they want a bit more. Alex is going to let Macy know she was well worth a man who could want just her.

These two go to Macy’s place and let the sizzle begin. Macy doesn’t want long term and Alex wants more than one night with this woman.

What can he do?
Will she want him more than for one night?

Wow this book was over the top hot, sexy and even funny in some areas. And Warren? Well once a dog always a dog.

Customer Service:
Wow now this was a short story also but I have to say I enjoyed it very much .

We have a woman with major self esteem issues due to her now ex-husband leaving her for a sales woman and he never called her beautiful. She knows she had gained some weight during her marriage but did not realize how much it effected her marriage.
She works doing secret shopping and on the website for the company she sees a intriguing assignment and signs up to take it on. It’s a sex toy type store called Your Wildest Dreams.
She meets at first Ty who she guesses is one of the sales people and wow the instant attraction and steaminess just takes off. But she is left feeling a little lost and when she goes back to the store the next day to retrieve the item she purchased she does not find Ty but Bernardo instead.
And lets just say .. This is one heck of a store and it left me thinking while reading it where can I find one?
This is a m/f/m with a touch of bdsm/bondage involved and WOW talk about one heck of a fantasy because in the end well .. I am not telling you.. Pickup your copy and find out.
[a:Wynter Daniels|3521407|Wynter Daniels|]

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