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Danger and Desire: Ten Steamy Romantic Suspense Novels

Danger and Desire: Ten Steamy Romantic Suspense Novels - Katie Reus, Amber Lin, Pamela Clare, Carolyn Crane, Kaylea Cross, Dianna Love, Norah Wilson, Dee J. Adams, VK Sykes, Misty Evans All of these books were exciting to read and I have made a review for 4 of them ..

Katie Reus -Sensual Surrender (The Serafina: Sin City #2)
This book brings us Ellie and Jay’s Story

Jay has been working for Wyatt for a bit now as his head of security and he fell hard for Ellie who was young but so sweet and so beautiful in his eyes. After the explosion (Book #1) that almost killed him Ellie pretty much has moved in with Jay. Someone from her past however has came into town making demands on her. In her own way to protect Jay and Wyatt she decides to leave a note for Jay and leave town. Well she doesn't get too far. Will Ellie trust in Jay? Can they save each other?
Jay is HOT !!!! The Passion between Jay and Ellie ROCK !!!

Pamela Clare - Skin Deep (I-Team #5.5)
This was a first for me by this author. Let me say WOW .. I need to grab the other books in this series.
We have a scarred Marine who is now a rancher on his familys ranch and a young woman who is trying to escape her past and a crazed ex.
Nathaniel and Megan will heal each other from the inside out. Awesome Story !!

Kaylea Cross - Singed (Titanium Security #2)
This was a first for me by this author. And again I say WOW what a great story.

We have Cage 2nd in command with the Titanium Security Team and NSA analyst Claire who broke up six months ago. But they are brought back together by many things. First Claire's brother is fighting PTSD and seems to be a burden or is he?
Then someone is after Claire and Cage is determined to protect her whether she wants him to or not.

Can these two find their way back to each other?
Very sad , Steamy HOT book !!! Loved it !!

Giving It Up (The Lost Girls #1)
Amber Lin

Another New to me Author . This book was very intense and action packed as well. We meet Allie who is a young woman with a child who has had the worst of offenses done to her by whom she thought was her best friend.
Allie goes about forgetting it totally wrong and while out at a club one night she meets Colin who has a shady past but he doesn't want to hurt Allie. He wants to be her savior. These 2 take us on a whirlwind and the heat meter is scorching .. Great Book !!

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