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Blue - Petra Lloyd First and Foremost this book is intended as a teaching tool for children in teaching them about the horrible ways of Dog Fighting. It can be read by older children and teenagers or the entire family.

I was given this book by the Author whom I have known under a different name for many years on my facebook J I was so surprised and shocked to know she also was a writer . I gladly accepted the reviewing of the book !! And here is my review.. I know I can’t even begin to this book the great justice it so deserves.

In this book we have Young Ben who has always wanted a dog of his very own. One day his step-father William hands over some notes <money> to Ben and his mother Lucy and tells them to go buy themselves something nice. Lucy was thinking to herself that she was sure he got the money by betting on the dog races. William has never really held a long and steady job since she married him. Ben’s dad and Lucy’s first husband who was a hard working man passed away when Ben was only 2 yrs old of Heart Failure. Before Ben and his mom head off Ben asks his step dad if they can get a dog.
Bens mom immediately speaks up and says No they can not afford a dog right now. But William then speaks up and says as long as they can find one free to good home then they could and that he himself had been thinking of a getting a dog. Ben is so excited he can barely concentrate on his studies the next day at school. When he gets home his dad is sitting at the table reading the daily ads and comes across a dog free to good home. A 5 yr old Female Staffordshire Terrier. His dad rung the number in the posting and scheduled to go and meet the dog that evening. When they go to the home of the dog Ben is so excited and finally meets Daisy which is the dogs name. The owner explains why she must find Daisy a new home. William decides they will take Daisy with them and they are given her things and leave for home. While on the drive home Ben tells his dad he really doesn’t like the name Daisy for the dog for a few silly reasons and his dad asks Well what would you name her? Ben speaks up and says Blue because that is what color she is.. Then it is settled and her name is now Blue !

When they finally reached their home Ben is shocked that his father has stated that Blue would be sleeping out back in the shed. And then he is even more in shock at his stepfathers statement that the dog would earn her keep? He had no idea what he meant by that and just hoped that tomorrow night Blue would be sleeping in this house.

The next morning his mother comes down and finally meets Blue and Ben tells her that dad made him
Put Blue out in the cold shed overnight well Lucy says that wont happen again as Blue is a member now of the family and as such she will sleep inside.

Things are simply not what they seem with William. It’s like he is living a 2nd life One that Lucy nor Ben have any clue about . While down at the pub William and a friend talk about Blue and dog fighting, breedings and such. The very next day William goes up to a farm where they breed dogs for Fighting and Betting and asks about having one of the top stud dogs to breed with Blue. Things just go down hill from there.

What will happen when Lucy finds out what William has truly been doing?
What will happen after William has taken Blue to mate with the other dog?
Will Ben be able to save his beloved pet?

Go grab this book !!! Its only $0.99 cents on Amazon and for every copy sold a donation
Will be made to the Staffordshire Rescue Group.

Review copy provided by: The Author for my honest review

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