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Monica The Monkey Saves The Day

Monica The Monkey Saves The Day - Rachel Michaels, Peter Philipp, Ben Rains Book: Monica The Monkey Saves The Day
Author: Rachel Michaels
Publication Date: 9/28/2014
Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts
My Rating: 5 Stars

This is a very cute and well written book about a Monkey who deals with bullies.

Monica is left all alone after her good friend has gone away for the day and she decides to go to Monkey Beach. The reason she doesn’t like to go there is the other Monkeys have always made fun of her for being smaller and different.

See Monkey prefers to live in the jungle with her animal friends and the other monkeys find that strange.

While playing in the water she over hears the other monkeys making fun of her and it hurts Monica’s feelings.

Then Monica over hears a bunch of noise and then they are all trapped by a hunter in a net. But Monica is not to worried because although her friends are much larger she is small which means she can get out and go for help .

Moral of the story. Just because you are different does not mean you are not perfect.
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