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Through Time Series--Boxed set

Through Time Series--Boxed set - Claudy Conn Through Time - Pursuit
If you have read the Legend Series then you will know who Chancemont Leblanc is . If not let me give you a little hint. Chancemont is a Milesian Immortal . What is that you ask? There was a war long ago and his people ended up breathing in the dust of the Fae . Thus in turn has made them Immortals .. Now this does not mean they can not die . Chancemont is looking to avenge his sister Lana's death. She was killed by the Dark Prince Pestale. Chancemont and Trevor who is a Royal Seelie Prince are both hellbound to find and destroy Pestale.
However the Queen Aaibhe has another idea . She has sent Royce who is a Seelie Daione Royal Princess and very young per say to join Chancemont's team although Royce wants no part of it and there is another issue Chancemont doesnt want her on his team either. So begins the battles between even themselves.. In order to win the battle Chancemont must learn to give up his thoughts of revenge if he intends to save Royce. And just what is happening between Chance's father and the Queen?This was a wonderfully exciting book so much action, love and loss.

Through Time -Whiplash
Yet another fantastic book by Claudy Conn. What I love about this book is that she brings characters we have come to love from the previous books. In this story we have Trevor who is the youngest Royal Fae Prince and brother to Dante Royal Fae Prince of Lugh. He is sent on a mission by the Queen however it is not the mission he wants . He wants revenge against Pestale he feels that the Dark Royal Prince got off way to easy for his killing of Lana. Enter Jazz Decker who is a very powerful Shee Fios who has now been tossed back in time to 1816. She and Trevor must find a way to A. Get back to the future and B. Stop the Dark Fae Prince Hordly.
Hordly has taken Jazz and Trevors tracks them and learns that Hordly has fangs? Not only that
Trevor discovers his Fios Jazz has extreme powers. During all of this Trevor discovers he has feelings although he is unsure what those feelings are or mean.
He knows he will not allow any harm to come to Jazz Decker and makes a vow on this he also knows he feels something very strong for this Human..Will they escape the past? Tons of Action and of course the Sexual, Emotional Turbulance keeps you glue'd to the book !
Get reading the book and you shall find out !!!!

Through Time - Slamming
This book picks right up where Through Time-Whiplash left us with Jazz being thrown into another dimension. Trevor is doing his very best to find her. And in the mean time all hell is breaking loose literally as Pestale and his Dark Prince Brothers and Morrigu escape to another realm. During this time they wreck havock on a human town destroying everyone within it. The Queen is also being bullied by her own council to step down as Queen they feel she can no longer rule them as they feel they should be ruled. Can they all join together to destroy the Dark Princes? Will Aaibhe no longer be Queen? And what about little Frankie? will she want to go with her father? OH yes didn’t I mention it? We find out who Frankie’s father is :) and WOW what a surprise that is..
I personally love how Claudy's book all run hand in hand. You miss absolutely nothing from book to book . She brings all the characters we have grown to Love and Hate in every book in this series .Can they finally destroy Pestale and his brothers? And what is up with Graely? Can he be salvaged?And Ete and Breslyn have wonderful news !!!

Through Time - Frankie
5 stars ***** More If I could give them !!!
This is the last book < for now> in the Through Time Series. And I will say I think it was the BEST !!!
I read it so very slowly as I didn’t want this to end .Awesome book , Awesome Author what more could you want? Frankie is all grown up and determined to have a certain Dark Prince as her life mate . Will it happen? Yes they are thrown into one hell of a battle with the Dark Prince Pestale can they finally rid the world of him? Claudy brings back all the characters from the previous books which I truly love !!!
Pick up your copy today and get reading !!!

Through Time - Compulsion
This is the next installment in the Through Time Series and WOW is all I can say. I love this entire series by Author Claudy Conn. She gives us Fae, Immortals, Seers (Fios) , Druids and Humans. And along with them come tons of Action and Suspense but Love and Loyalty also.

Frankie and Graely and the entire bunch are off on a mission again to stop a new threat to the humans and many others. Siloam Prince of Bogman is our newest Dark Threat. And of course back into the action is the 2 Dark Princes Pestale and Hordly whom are Graelys brothers.

And then enter Daoine Prince Olto what is his issue? And what damage is this one going to cause? He feels he is entitled to have Frankie .

This book takes you through so many loops and turns and they are all just exciting as the next. My heart stopped so many times reading this book. I love the characters and I love how the author brings them all back and each one are a force to be reckoned with. Add to that we now have Prince Bray who is the son of Prince Breslyn and Ete and being a young man he sure keeps his parents and Frankie on their toes.
I can not wait to see what Claudy Conn brings us next in this fantastic series. I highly recommend this book.

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