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Declan Reede: The Untold Story Complete Series

Declan Reede: The Untold Story Complete Series - Michelle Irwin Book: Declan Reede: The Untold Story Complete Series
Author: Michelle Irwin
Publication Date: 8/12/2016
Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts
My Rating: 5 Stars


I have read all of the books in this set aside from Decode, which I am reviewing also.
I do believe you get 4 stories plus Decode.
I do not believe that Decide, which is the prequel, is included but I am including my review of that also and let me tell you this set won't disappoint it's a great journey.

Decide - Book #0.5
Let me begin by saying I have read a few books by this author and they just keep getting better. In this short but sweet story we have Declan a young boy who is best friends with a girl his neighbor Alyssa.
All through elementary school and primary school, these two are inseparable. Then when they hit about 15 or so years old things start to change between them. They share their first real kiss and from there they are on again off again as boyfriend / girlfriend. Declan’s father keeps putting in his sons ear that if he is serious about his racing future he needs to leave Alyssa alone because one day she will make him choose. However, Declan does not believe that considering Alyssa was his best friend before anything else and she knows how he feels about racing. But in time Declan sees a change in Alyssa and it’s not a good change and she has now given him an ultimatum her or the racing.

What will Declan do? Will this be the end of their friendship and relationship?

Fantastic short story and I cannot wait to read more in this upcoming series.

Decline - Book 1
Wow have things changed for Declan since we first heard of his story.
He is a racecar driver now but not having a good time of it due to his
Never having let go of his past with Alyssa. His boss sends him off for a vacation and on the plane who does he run into? None other than his past.

Many things transpire and it’s all shock after shock. Alyssa has a huge secret she has kept from him all these years but the real shocker is his parents knew of it.

Can Declan get his life back on track? Can he prove to Alyssa he can be trusted? Fantastic story. Pick up your copy

Deceive - Book 2
Declan is battling so many things at one time. He is having panic attacks and has finally agreed to speak to a shrink. Alyssa wants Declan she always has but he is a freight train going down the wrong track right now. There are so many secrets though in his life and it all revolves around the girl he wants, and his parents and he needs to find out. And WOW does he ever begin to find out. What an explosive story this was. A huge roller coaster of emotions and I was saying words like oh my god, no way and so on, while I read this book. And yes we get a massive cliff hanger. All I can say is pickup your copy and get reading. I would suggest starting with the first book in this series.

Decipher - Book 3
I have enjoyed this series so far and the author doesn't disappoint yet again. Watching Declan grow up has been nothing short of crazy and well it' doesn't get any easier on him in this story. Just when he thinks, he may finally win back Alyssa and life can be great everything yet again goes to hell in a hand basket. Someone has it out for Declan and although Alyssa says she trust him he just can't believe that and is going to do all he can to fix the situation.
We of course get a cliffy, which I hate, but thank goodness, this author is known to write / release pretty quickly. I cannot wait to see if Declan finally can get all he has dreamed of.

Declare - Book 4
What can I say about this final book in this good series?
Declan and Alyssa still have burdens to bare. But Declan has grownup so much and it is showing.
Everything he has ever wanted is finally there for him to grab but will his demons come to the forefront?
Alyssa is planning their future and she has faith in their love. Is there a checkered flag in their future?
So many twists, turns and shockers this book totally blew my mind. I have read all the books in this series and this was my favorite. Loved the ending although it made me feel sad because it took the final book for me to finally like Declan. But there is a sneak peek at the end so I have something to look forward to.
Start with book 1 but get it and get reading.

Decode - Bonus Novella in this set only.

Absolutely loved this short story. We are at the move. Alyssa and Declan and daughter Phoebe are moving back to their hometown and into Declan' childhood home. Its Christmas time and Alyssa has one heck of a surprise for Declan. How will he feel about it? Well he gets another surprise towards the end of this story. This couple is hot as heck and the sparks just fly. Loved it!

I was gifted this book for my honest review
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