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Book: Romancing the Paranormal: All New Tales
Authors: Stephanie Rowe,Robyn Peterman , Victoria Danann , Kym Grosso , Dakota Cassidy, Claudy Conn ,Teresa Gabelman , Melanie James , Gena D. Lutz , D'Elen McClain, Julia Mills, Brandy L. Rivers, Cynthia St.Aubin
Publication Date: 5/19/2015
Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts
My Rating: 5 Stars

I am reviewing 5 of the books in this boxed set.

Harley Awakening by Claudy Conn

Let me say WOW first and foremost. I love Claudy's style and her books but this one was over the top HOT and Action never ending.
Harley is the product of a white witch and a vampire dad. They all live happily within their clan. Until one horrible day when a werewolf pack invades and kills everyone well they think everyone.
Harley is off to stay with friends and train for what is to come. Once she gets to Dublin she is in cahoots with Kian. She is not sure what Kian is though?

Together for different reasons they are in mission to find Carsen Banks the Alpha of the werewolf pack. If you have
read other stories by Claudy Conn you will see the mention of characters from previous works.
Harley is after Banks but Kian is after Tara who is Tara?
I love paranormal books that have so many various characters and this book gives you that.
I love the connection Harley and Kian have. I highly recommend this book. And I truly hope I see more in this series.

Gertie’s Paranormal Plantation by Melanie James

Gertie you know the witch from the Leigh series. She has her own story to tell.
Gertie has been dating Brad the fireman for quite some time now but she hates that they are so far apart from each other and decides to help Brad decide to move in with her on the plantation. But many things take place that could spell doom for the happy couple.

We have witches, dragon, humans, and some surprising new creatures in this story. And if you have ever read any of the Leigh books and busted a gut laughing. Gertie will give you that ten fold. Melanie James has outdone herself on this new story. Can't wait to read more about Gertie and her Plantation.

Sonnet Vale by Gena D. Lutz

Sonnet is a tracker of paranormal beings for Fang Squad Inc. She has never really killed anyone but her time was a coming.
Her partner Emely did all the killings and she loves it. Sonnet loves her friend but she often speaks harshly when it comes to Sonnet's family. The family that treated her like she was some crazed loon. They have no clue what Sonnet is or why she does what she does why is that?

Heading home she is caught off guard by whom? None other than the Vampire she ran into after her partner ripped the last vampire to shreds his friend. She learns this vampire is not like the rest or is he? His name is Bane.

Bane feels something for Sonnet and lets her know he sees her strength within and what it means to other paranormal beings as well. Bane has agreed to help Sonnet find a missing girl but can he help Sonnet in other ways?

And just what is Emely?? Is she truly a hunter?

We have vamps and other super natural beings I love when paranormal books gives us a few instead of just 1. Gena D. Lutz gives us one heck of a great story here. I loved it. The chemistry between Sonnet and Bane is super freaking HOT and funny in many ways. And so many twists and turns leaves you wanting so much more.

Her Dragon's Heart by Julia Mills

Jace is one of the young dragon guards and while helping on the last mission which had him at the hospital he knew he found his mate. Melanie is his mate. He wanted to claim her right away but waited and now she is missing?
Jace can not figure out how Melanie is so versed in their language when he over hears her on the phone. What in the world is going on?

Melanie has been taken and Jace and guardsmen are off to find her. Jace learns just who Melanie was speaking to and it’s a rush to rescue her.

We are given a little hint as to whose story may be next and I think it’s fantastic. Julia Mills writes wonderful stories about the dragon shifters and I have enjoyed every single one so far. Can't wait for the next one.

Seductive Solutions by Brandy L. Rivers

New to me Author .

In this book we have a 3 some of sorts. Scotty is in deep trouble and allowing himself to die. His best friend Toryn has
no idea how to save his friend but his soon to be mate does. Isa figured out that she can go in to a dream and undo what has been done to Scotty but in order to do so he needs to be stronger.

Can Isa and Toryn save Scotty? And will he accept what they are offering?

This is a m/f/m romance. Very well written I enjoyed it . It does leave us with a cliffhanger of sorts so I can't wait to find out more on Toryn and Isa and the other Fae. And what about Scotty will he find his true mate?

More reviews to come in time .. Fantastic series for sure and I would truly suggest it if you enjoy Hot, Steamy, Action packed Paranormal.

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